nuova piantina marilleva


The Happy Holidays Agency manage and run apartments in a number of residential complexes in Marilleva 1400 such as l’abete ,il copai, il lores, il sacha, il solaria, il pian di mughi, le Volpi and l’Aquilone.

What makes these appartments in Marilleva 1400 so practical is the fact that they are located directly on the slopes, for this reason clients can park their car on arrival and reclaim it when they leave.

The connecting piste, which starts on the nursery slopes of the ‘SCUOLA ITALIANA SCI MARILLEVA’, passes directly under the apartments and arrives at the departure point of the Solaria-Albarè cable car.


Happy Holidays Agenzia Immobiliare / Appartamenti Marilleva
loc. Marilleva 1400 - Mezzana / 38020 - Val di Sole - Trentino
P.IVA: 02187590225
Tel: +39 0463.796105 / Fax: +39 0463.796596
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