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buono vacanza la tua settimana shock


We are very happy to inform you that the validity date for the ‘Settimana shock’ vouchers has been extended to September 2018.

With these vouchers you can have a one-bedroomed apartment which sleeps 4, in the agreed period, at the price of 3,55 euros a day per person (minimum 4 people for 7 days) 3,55 x 7 x 4 = 99,40 euros.

The offer is for the weeks marked ‘promo’ on our price list. At the present time these periods are:


SUMMER 2017 WINTER 2017-2018

from 01/07/2017 to 08/07/2017

from 10/12/2017 to 17/12/2017

from 08/07/2017 to 15/07/2017

from 17/12/2017 to 22/12/2017

from 15/07/2017 to 22/07/2017 



from 22/12/2017 to 26/12/2017


from 22/07/2017 to 29/07/2017 

.... for the first 5 apartments, no supplements!!!!

from 24/03/2018 to 31/03/2018

from 02/09/2017 to 09/09/2017 


All the remaining periods whether summer or winter, as well as the type of apartment are available but with an added supplement above the basic price. The amount depends on the period and the type of apartment chosen. For further information, contact us either by telephone or e-mail.


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